Tuesday, March 14, 2006

e-Postal Rifle and Pistol Matches

As you can see by the links up at the very top of the page, there are two e-Postal matches underway, one for rifles (with a pistol section), and one for handguns. Both matches close in a couple of weeks.

The biggest obstacle to overcome for e-Postal matches is getting the word out to all the rifle and pistol shooters out there so that we have a good number of entries. For this, we need your help.

If you are going out to the range, download and print out some targets and shoot some entries while you're there. Drag your buddies to the range too, and get them involved.

Once the e-Postal matches get solidly established, they will be more or less self-sustaining, but until that time, we need a little extra effort to reach the critical mass, so to speak.

If you are at a your gun club meeting, mention the e-Postal matches to the members. We might just set up a competition between gun club teams on a future match if there's some interest. If you think your club might be interested in entering a team, let me know!

If you are a blogger, you all can give the matches a big boost, not only by mentioning the matches on your blog, but by entering the matches yourself and doing a post that you are planning to enter and what you are planning to shoot. When you have shot your entry, post your results too! You'd be surprised how many of your readers would like the chance to shoot against the bloggers they read regularly.

These e-Postal matches are a lot of fun, but we need your help to make them be successful.



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