Thursday, February 16, 2006

AIRWOLF's First Post

Here's the first post from a new guest blogger to Mr. Completely, AIRWOLF.

As you can tell from the post, AIRWOLF works in law enforcement. I had emailed him about him not getting in much rimfire shooting lately, and he replied with this post.

For those folks who whine about how stressful their office jobs are, you should get out into the real world and see what our LEO's go through every day!

Yes, I’m sure my rimfire proficiency is beginning to decline, however I did go to the range training yesterday and my AR-15 and 10mm proficiency is not to be scoffed at. I even managed to place two rounds double-tapped into the heart of a heinous criminal (target) who was pointing a gun at me while I was moving sideways across in front of him at about 10 yards. He croaked!

I had another bad guy at very close range (like maybe four feet) who was really bad (wearing body armor and shooting at me – according to the simulation information I was provided after shooting him twice in the sternum), so I drilled him once in the center of the nose and once directly between the eyes in another double-tap.

It was really fun training and was from 6:00 to 10:00 last night in the dark too.

The rifle training was yesterday afternoon, and I ran into a little problem with my optical sight than I was unaware of. Somehow the front of the sight got moved slightly, after only about 9 or 10 years of use, and I went to shoot and saw only total darkness with a bright red dot in the middle of the sight.

I ended up switching to iron sights, which thankfully are usable below the optical sight and finished the series albeit really slow. Come to find out the sight has a polarizing filter on it, and for some reason it is now really loose and moves by even touching it slightly. We tried to remove it yesterday, but it is apparently manufactured as part of the sight. I will tape it in place for now but will be looking for another sight soon.

I will be on this night shift from now until the end of March, and I am working Friday through Monday, 1700 – 0300. It is difficult to find time to do much of anything fun working those hours. I end up sleeping half of the day away, and my days off are all messed up too because I really don’t want to reset my biological clock twice a week.

I will get back into the rimfire shooting before too long and will be over bugging you more often.

........... AIRWOLF


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