Monday, December 12, 2005

Now A REAL Sports Blog!

Since the Mr. Completely blog was not included in the final fifteen sports blogs for the blog awards, I have carefully reviewed our editorial content, and have decided that since shooting sports aren't considered as sports by some folks, I should add some additional sports blogging to make us more acceptable for next year.

As thirteen of the fifteen finalists were either football, baseball, or basketball blogs, either college or professional, I have decided to start blogging on some of those sports too.

However, rather than rambling (<- note Georgia Tech. reference) on and on and often never even getting to the point (<- triple reference, basketball, fencing, and ballet), I will cut to the chase (<- track, NASCAR, fox hunting, and more....) and keep it short.

So here goes:

FIRE THAT COACH! (all coached sports)
Fine with me.....

Washington Huskies Basketball
It's nice they are doing well.....

Seahawks Clobber the Rams
Turnabout's fair play......

College teams not happy with bowl bids
Can't please everybody, I guess....

Pakistan Cricketers beat Lahore
(I think I'll just skip this one.......)

Seattle Sonics 3rd. in Division so far
Maybe better players or a different coach would help....

So there you go, inciteful commentary, just like you can find on the sports blogs, or in the sports section of your newspaper, without having to read the whole thing to get the same message.

You don't have to thank me, it's all part of the service!


At Tuesday, December 13, 2005 5:29:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Inciteful, you bet. As a Oregon Duck football fan, I take umbrage, YOU HEAR, UMBRAGE at your suggestion that complaints about bowl position are FUBAR.

The Ducks got f**ked, and every sportswriter with an honest bone in his body said so.

Go Ducks!
Fark the BCS!

Sport THAT!



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