Thursday, November 03, 2005

Minh-Duc's Band of Brothers

Col. Khaki in the center, with Minh-Duc on the right

If you've never visited Minh-Duc's blog State of Flux before, maybe this is the time to go check it out. You will probably want to add him to your favorites.

He's got a post up about Colonel Khaki of the Iraqi National Guard, and a good insight into the real story of what's going on in Iraq.

Here's a couple of excerpts:
"I remember fondly Lieutenant Colonel Khaki, the commander of the 206th Iraqi National Guard (ING) Battalion. The 206th ING was the only Iraqi unit operating in our area. When I first arrived to Iraq, the battalion was in bad shape. Each of its company has only 3 vehicles, and most soldiers have only two magazine worth of ammo. To compound the problem, the ING at the time only received 2 weeks of basic training - not enough training time to be a soldier."

"In the armed profession, the greatest praise that can be said to a man is “I will go to war with you.” It is a statement of confidence, in his commitment, his loyalty, and his ability. Concerning Colonel Khaki and the 206th ING, I would go to war with them and I did."
You can Click Here to read the entire post. While you are there, you might want to scroll down to the post titled "The Proudest Days". It's well worth reading, too.

In my opinion, Minh-Duc compares favorably with Micheal Yon as a writer, and that's saying a lot!


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