Sunday, November 06, 2005

Back from the pin shoot......

Kim and Kelvin in a centerfire match. Kim won, but not by much!

Well, the bowling pin shoot season is now over, at least at the CWSA range. The weather held up just enough that we didn't get rained on, and in fact, we actually got a few small sun breaks.

I timed in with a personal best time of 11.98 seconds for three tables combined, five pins per table. That, as it usually does, put me up against "Evil Al" in the first round, and in single elimination matches, that's not such a good thing!

I took the first table, and Al took the next two. Bummer! That retired my High Standard "fast" gun for the day.

I qualifed my Smith & Wesson 422 "slow" gun in fifth. KeeWee qualified sixth or seventh, I'm not sure.

I won my first round matchup with the 422, then came up against KeeWee in the second round. I won the first table, she won the second, and I won the third. (I should never have taught her to shoot pins!).

To make a long story short, I managed to squeek my way to the final against Al, and Al took all the marbles! KeeWee ended up fourth or fifth overall , I think.

Rim fire iron sight class put me up against perennial rival, JimP. I narrowly edged Jim, and wound up in the finals against "Evil Al".

It seemed like everywhere I looked today all I saw was Al. Every time I walked up to the line there he was at the other shooting station!

Fortunately the rim fire gods were smiling on me today, and I was able to get by Al in the final. WOO HOO!

Unofficial results in rimfire optical sight class showed KeeWee in fourth, my "Fast" gun fifth, and second overall with my "slow" Smith & Wesson 422.

In rimfire iron sight I ended up first, with Al second, and JimP third.

It's been a great season ,with lots of different shooters winning matches throughout the year. The caliber (bad pun?) of shooting has steadily improved from shoot to shoot.

I can hardly wait until next year!


At Tuesday, January 22, 2008 7:18:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just got a s&w 422 and im just wondering what kinda of ammo your putting thru yours?


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