Thursday, September 08, 2005

Another "Buzz-Mail" and response

Email To: Sgt. Richard (Buzz) Robertson
Walter Reed Army Hospital

Hi Buzz,
Hope you had a good day, and tomorrow is better. Just wanted to let you know that all sane Americans appreciate your representing us in the middle east.

Those pinko-waco's out front represent nobody. They have been misled in their ignorance, and we all hope and pray they will see the error in their ways.

Thank you again, and wishing you a speedy and complete recovery.

Reply To GrampaPinhead
From Buzz's Aunt Minnie

Thank you for posting the info about my nephew on your blog site. I opened this email address to receive the responses of people who wanted to communicate with him via email. He can't sit up or work on a computer in Walter Reed so I am printing the resonses and snail mailing them to him in little packets.

Today is the day he has exploratory surgery to see the extent of the spinal cord damage. We are praying for the best, but will take what we get because we in his family are just grateful to have him back.

Here's the email address again:

Click here for Grampa Pinhead's blog....


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