Tuesday, July 26, 2005

CWSA Pin Shoot 7/23/05

LouG and DeanH at full speed with red-dotted wheel-guns

Here's what happened to LouG when he ran up against Al in the final. Al already has three off the table, number four is going overboard, and number five is about to disappear too. LouG has one pin going off the table, so far. Al may just be bionic..........

I've been showing a lot about the rim fire pin top shooting lately, so I decided I'd show the wheel-gunners at work this time. I'm always amazed at just how quickly the better shooters can shoot while maintaining accuracy, when shooting double-action. Even with all the trigger work and action polishing it's still a seven or an eight pound trigger pull, and these guys are still not jerking it off the target, as fast as they are shooting.

We had a good turn-out in the rim fire pin top classes, and some very close matches. There were even several tie tables, where it just wasn't possible to tell who got their table cleared first!

In the optical sight class I entered both my High Standard and my Smith & Wesson 422, both with Simmons 42mm. red dot sights. I qualified the High Standard in first, and third with the Smith & Wesson. KeeWee timed in somewhere around sixth or seventh. I managed to narrowly get past Al, the number two qualifier, using my High Standard, and narrowly past JimP, the number four qualifier, in the first round. No one makes you sweat like these two guys! KeeWee was edged out by LukeN in the first round.

That put me up against myself in the second round, so I retired the 422 for the day. A next round bye put me into the final against Pegi. She just keeps getting faster and faster! Fortunately I was able to find a couple more good tables, and got the final. Not by too much, though!

Rim fire iron sight, with my lousy eyesight, has always been frustrating, and today was no exception. I managed to qualify somewhere around fourth or fifth, and won my first round match. Phil then stomped on me pretty good, ending my day. Phil and JimP ended up in the final, with JimP taking the marbles. I think I ended up either third or fourth overall.

It is interesting to note that as the season goes on, the caliber of shooting keeps getting better and better. The times keep getting faster, and the matches get closer.

It was a great day at the range, with lots of close competition, the usual fun and games, the usual bunch of screwballs, and a great time had by all.


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