Monday, July 25, 2005

What's on your night Stand?

Sig P-220 .45

Les Jones hit me with this meme, and the protocol is to answer the question, then tag five other bloggers, and they get to post their answers, then pass it on from there.

Please send all the hate mail to Alphecca, as this one was HIS idea! (Just kidding - these can be kinda fun!)

First, to be technically correct, I don't have a nightstand, but I use the end of a chest-of-drawers, so I will confine this to the end of the chest-of-drawers that serves as one. I am also excluding anything that just MIGHT happen to be REALLY close, but just not on the night stand.

Here we go:

Small lamp, clock radio, Sig P-220 in .45, two full magazines for the Sig, (hollow points), a Taurus PT92 9mm., two full clips for the PT92 (again, hollow points), a nearly full box of .45 ammo, 25 or 30 loose .22 rounds, pocket change, and my digital cameras and their battery chargers.

The loose .22 rounds come from rimfire matches where when I clear a chamber, I put the round in my pocket, so it doesn't get back into the gun during the match. I use up those rounds in practice. I don't like to re-chamber anything if I can help it.

And here's the tag-ee's and some speculation:

AnalogKid at Random Nuclear Strikes
(Any goblin at less than 600 yards is in deep you-know-what)

Rivrdog at Rivrdog
(A shotgun and a service revolver?)

JerryTheGeek at Cogito Ergo Geek
(the only question is "single stack, or double?")

Firehand at Irons In The Fire
(A fully functional replica gatling gun and a Scottish broad sword?)

H2SO4 at Sulfuric Attitude
(I suspect a small arsenal a lot like mine.)

Carnaby and/or Stickwick at CarnabyFudge
(Haven't got a clue! )

Once the answers have been posted on each of those sites, I'll do a post with a link to all of them for you.

If any of you have already been tagged on this one and I missed it, I apologise, as I've been out of town for a couple of days and have gotten a bit behind on blog-browsing........


At Thursday, July 28, 2005 10:19:00 AM, Blogger Firehand said...

No no, gatling guns and broadswords are a little too awkward in a bedroom or hallway.

Now, a small fighting ax, on the other hand...


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