Friday, July 01, 2011

Head Cold, Yakima, Tanfoglio, etc.

A few days ago i started coming down with a cold, and with several matches coming up soon, l that didn't cheer me up much! Fortunately it kept out of  my lungs, mostly, and I'm still dealing with a stuffed up head. Bleh...

I've been making lots of trips to the range getting a good load worked up for the Tanfoglio so hopefully I can shoot it tomorrow in Yakima at their monthly steel match. A custom race gun is to some extent experimental, and is definitely modified to do well in a specific set of conditions. The ability to accurately and reliably run whatever ammo is on sale at the moment is not a consideration. The primary attributes are reliability in firing and feeding, power factor, felt recoil, muzzle rise, velocity, and amount of gas produced to run the compensator. Depending on the type of competition, different attributes are more or less important.

I think I'm getting close to a good load, and I'm going to head over to the range at least once more before we leave this afternoon to do a little more testing. If it works, then I'll load up a couple of hundred rounds for the match on Saturday.

After I get it dialed in I'll look at doing a post just on picking loads for competition.

In the meantime, though, I'm off to the range for some testing.

Have a fun and safe Independence Day!


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