Saturday, April 04, 2009

Washington State Steel Challenge Championships

I just got an email from Patrick Kelley, the match director for the Washington State Steel Challenge Championships coming up on Saturday, June 6th. in Ephrata, Washington. Last year they did not shoot a rimfire division, but this year they plan to add rimfire. This will be a Steel Challenge Shooting Association sanctioned event. Centerfire and revolver shooters start from a holster, rimfire shooters will start with the gun pointed at a marker on the ground 12' in front of the shooter.

Please contact the rimfire shooters in your club and see if any of them would like to shoot in the match. I'd be tickled to see a good rimfire turnout!

Here's the link for the Match Information and here's the Entry Form.

For more information on the match contact Patrick directly at

Hope to see you there!



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