Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Arrived in Valencia

The trip from Whidbey via the Whidbey-Seatac shuttle, then Alaska Airlines from Seattle to Burbank, then rental car pickup and drive up I-5 to Valencia to the Hilton Garden Inn hotel all went relatively smoothly. S. California traffic is miserable!

Going to take a short break, then drive out to the range to double-check the guns to make sure banging around getting them here didn't mess up anything.

Then a good night's sleep and out to the range in the morning.

Tomorrow we shoot Rimfire open. The one stage that's always given me trouble is called Outer Limits. It's tough because you shoot two plates from one box, then run to a center box six feet away and shoot the next three. I've never been too good at movement in a match, and so I practiced it a bit last week. I'm still really slow, but at least a little bit better than I was.

Guess what stage we're starting with tomorrow.....................


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