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Norm's .357 Pin Shooting Loads

In my previous post "I Need A Vacation........" I mentioned that I had just purchased a Taurus 8 shot .357 Magnum revolver. Norm is apparently a rabid bowling pin shooter like me, and he has done some good work in developing loads for the .357 for bowling pin shooting. He left me a detailed post on some of what he's come up with, including the contact info for R&R Bullet company, where he obtains the 230 Grain wadcutters he's been using.

Remember that all disclaimers apply, as this is just what Norm has been doing in HIS revolver, and if it is safe for you to use in yours, that's your decision. If you aren't sure, PLEASE find out first. You've been warned........

Here's Norm's comment:

R&R Bullet
233 Goffena Rd
Chadron NE 69337

I like the 230 WC over 5.6 gr. of VV N 350. Gets 900 fps (207PF) .38 Spl brass seated to the crimp groove.

Some folks use Blue dot

Excerpt from an exchange I was having with the folks at VV while I was doing the load development: "Just got back from the range a few minutes ago. It started raining, else I'd still be there. Here are some preliminary results. Actually I may have enough data that I don't need to dig much further, but I probably will if time is not a problem.

I used my wife's new S&W 686 plus (7-shot), 6 inch barrel. It was sent to mag-na-port for dual traps (4 holes of braking) and installation of a patridge front sight with the McGivern gold bead. This required machining. When it returned I did an action tuning job. Then I loaded up some rounds and headed out.

I used Federal (no. 100) Small Pistol Primers in every instance.

Winchester .38 Spl Brass

R&R 230 grain Lead Wadcutter seated to the crimp groove. COL 1.458 inches Bullet is about .8925"

4.2 grains V V N350, Moly-Kote on bullets, V average = 719fps Sd= 10 fps

4.2 grains V V N350, regular lube on bullets, V average = 726 fps Sd= 8 fps

5.3 grains V V N350, regular lube on bullets, V average = 853.8 fps Sd= 10 fps

6.4 grains Blue Dot, regular lube on bullets, V average = 8 74 fps Sd= 8 fps (this was reference)

Accuracy is superb. I had loaded some with 5.0 gr. of VV N350 but left them behind in my race to beat the rain. So have no data. I wanted to check linearity of velocity versus charge weight response. I find this is useful in avoiding high pressure situations.

I plan to load 5.4 or 5.5 grains for competition as a power factor of l95 is considered minimum for bowling pin shooting and we need to allow for some tolerance in the reloading equipment.

I'll let you know how it works if you are interested. This pinbuster bullet has really made the .357 Mag a viable competitor in this game.


I think maybe I better contact R&R and get some of those bullets on the way! I wonder if they make a 500 grain WC for the .480 Ruger? THAT would be fun!

Norm: drop me an email at

b l o g (at) w h i d b e y (dot) c o m

so I can email you directly. I'd like to find out more about where you hold your pin shoots and what rules you use. Thanks!



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