Friday, October 05, 2007

Gun Show - ePostal Match - Pin Shoot This Weekend!

Another week has gone by in a blur! Next week is the Gun Blogger Rendezvous!! WOOO HOOO!! It's going to be a lot of fun, and there will be some new faces there this year, too.

Tomorrow morning I'm heading over to Holmes Harbor Rod and Gun Club for their gun show. If I come across anything interesting I'll let you know.

After the gun show I'm heading over to the pistol range to shoot up some targets for the e-Postal match. (Click on the link up at the top for the latest match info). Gotta get the targets shot as the match closes Sunday night. The rifle part of the match is shot at 50 feet, and my 'range out in the barn' is only about 35 feet, but the pistol range at HHRG has target stands at 50 feet, but nothing closer, so I'll have to shoot the rifle part at HHRG, and the 25 foot pistol part out in the barn.

After I get back from HHRG I need to hit the reloading bench as I'm low on 9mm pin shoot loads and there's a pin shoot on Sunday. I've still got plenty of .38, .45, and .480, so I don't need to load up any of that for a week or so.

busy -- busy -- busy ! ! !


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