Saturday, September 22, 2007

Inter-Club Challenge - Short Version

Here's the short version of the match report, without the pictures. I'll get the pic's posted perhaps on Monday.

1. Thompson Contenders are different to shoot. Fortunately I am somewhat familiar with the Taco grip technique.

2. 50 yards is quite a ways for a handgun if you aren't resting it on anything and you are trying to be accurate.

3. 75 yards is worse......

4. 100 yards - that's like, in a different time zone, or something...........

5. It was kinda fun, but I like targets that DO something other than just getting perforated.

6. Holmes Harbor Rod and Gun Club's team shoots long range targets regularly, and their overall score showed that.

7. We ended up a very respectable second place, and well ahead of Oak Harbor's team. COOL!

Cheese burgers and baked beans and salad for lunch. Not a bad lunch!

It was a good day......................



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