Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Inter-Club Challenge Match

I got a phone call a couple of mornings ago from Evil Al. It seems the Inter-Club Challenge match is coming up in a couple of weeks, and he's putting together the team. Al asked me if I'd like to be on the team.

The Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun Club, The Oak Harbor Club, and Central Whidbey Sportsmen each year have a handgun club challenge match. It's hosted at a different club each year. The host club sets the rules, and usually picks a match type that fits well with the type of shooting they are best at. The Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun club is this year's host, and they shoot a lot of silhouette matches out to 100 yards. To no one's surprise, this year's match will be a target shoot, 10 shots at 50 yards, 10 shots at 75 yards, and 10 shots at 100 yards. They have a number of members with scoped up Thompson Contenders, perfect for the match.

At Central Whidbey, on the other hand, we are primarily action shooters, shooting Steel Challenge, falling plates, bowling pins, and so forth. As near as we can tell, we only have two Contenders in our club with scopes. The rules restrict it to centerfire only, so I can't shoot my High Standard Race Gun. I've never even fired a Contender before, but Lou G. will share his .357 Contender with me. Next week we'll get together and give it a try.

"Cross hairs on target - pull trigger - reload - repeat"
how hard can it be?

We're doomed!

On the bright side, I DO get a free lunch out of the deal!!


At Thursday, September 13, 2007 9:11:00 AM, Blogger George said...

You didn't say what the timing is, but if it isn't race-fast, you'll do OK with an electronically-sighted 9mm. Your .480 Ruger would be better, but if it's not scoped or red-dotted, you will be at a disadvantage.

The smallest target on these ranges is the duck (or is it a goose) at 25 yards, and I can ring that 85% of the time with an open-sighted Glock or my 1911. I once shot an entire mag of ten rounds out of my Kel-Tec P-11 belly gun and hit it 9 times!

The silhouettes at 100 are huge. We're talking dozens of mils here, so your red-dots with a 3 or 6 mil reticle won't obliterate the target.

I love shooting our course here at DRRC with open sights, but you'll do OK with your gizmo sights. Just make sure the gun is sighted in for the bullet drop at those longer ranges.


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