Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pin Shoot Seminar AAR

At 9am this morning around 20 new pin shooters and old timers gathered in the Central Whidbey Sportsman/s Association clubhouse in Coupeville, Washington for a pre-season pin shoot seminar taught by "Evil Al" Lindell, our club's pin guru.

After Al's presentation, he presented the proposed rules for the new "Big Bore" revolver class. We will give it a try for a couple of matches and see how it works out. If we have a good number of entries, we'll keep it in the program, and if not, we'll drop it out. So far it looks like we have more than enough shooters to make it a good class.

The six shot per table limit in the big bore revolver class adds another element of strategy to the game. For example, if your opponent knocks over his first two pins but they don't go off the table, he only has four shots left, but five pins to get off the table. Unless he gets a lucky "two-fer" shot, he's going to leave one pin on the table. If you have shots left for all of your pins, speed no longer is the deciding factor. You can slow down and be sure to hit every one solidly to get it off the table. However, if you are watching your opponents pins you aren't watching your own, so YOU just might be the one with the pins left on the table! This is going to be interesting!

After the clubhouse session, we headed out to the pin range for some pin shootin' ! The sun had come out and the weather was exceptional for this time of year. Everyone got a chance to shoot some pins and go through a simulated matchup.

It was a fun day, leaving us eagerly awaiting the first pin shoot of the year on March 10th.

Hope we see you there!



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