Friday, January 05, 2007

2007 CWSA Pistol Match Schedule

Here's the handgun match schedule f0r Central Whidbey sportsman's Association. Be sure to contact someone from CWSA shortly before the match to verify the date and time.


Saturday 27th - Bowling Pin Seminar

Saturday 3rd - Steel Challenge Seminar

Saturday 10th - Bowling Pins
Saturday 17th - Rimfire Falling Plates
Sunday 25th - Rimfire Hanging Plate
Saturday 31st - Steel Challenge

Saturday 7th - Rimfire Falling Plate
Saturday 21st - Bowling Pins
Sunday 22nd - Rimfire Hanging Plates
Sunday 29th - Steel Challenge Match

Saturday 5th - Bowling Pins
Saturday 19th - Bowling Pins
Sunday 27th - Steel Challenge Match

Saturday 2nd - Rimfire Hanging Plates
Sunday 3rd - Steel Challenge Match
Saturday 23rd -Rimfire Hanging FALLING Plates
Sunday 24th - Steel Challenge Match
Saturday 30th - Bowling Pins

Sunday 1st - Steel Challenge Match
Sunday 8th - Rimfire Hanging Plates
Saturday 21st - Rimfire Hanging Plates
Sunday 22nd - Bowling Pins
Saturday 28th - Steel Challenge Match
Sunday 29th - Rimfire Falling Plates

Saturday 4th - Bowling Pins
Sunday 5th - Steel Challenge Match
Sunday 12th - Rimfire Hanging Plates
Saturday 25th - Bowling Pins
Sunday 26th - Steel Challenge Match

Saturday 1st - Rimfire Hanging Plates
Sunday 2nd - Bowling Pins
Saturday 8th - Rimfire Falling Plates
Saturday 15th - Steel Challenge Match
Sunday 23rd - Steel Challenge Match
Saturday 29th - Bowling Pins
Sunday 30th - Rimfire Falling Plates

Saturday 6th - Rimfire Hanging Plates
Sunday 7th - Bowling Pins
Sunday 14th - Steel Challenge Match
Saturday 20th - Bowling Pins
Sunday 28th - Rimfire Falling Plates

Sunday 4th - Rimfire Hanging Plates
Saturday 10th - Rimfire Falling Plates


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