Thursday, November 10, 2005

Latest on Buzz

Here is the latest update from SFC Richard Robertson's mom. He will be home for Thanksgiving!!

Thank you all for you love and support. He has enjoyed reading the cards and letters. This is probably the last update as Buzz now plans to settle in with his family in North Carolina and, after he has gotten his car fitted for hand controls, will begin a job hunt.

......... Buzz's Aunt

Hello all.....

We just got back from visiting with Buzz in Augusta Georgia this afternoon. He's doing well and expects to be discharged Monday November 21st to go home to North Carolina. He and Sarah will be staying in an apartment near the hospital for several days before he can be discharged to "prove" they can handle everything that comes with being a paraplegic from transferring to and from their vehicle to doing laundry. If they have trouble, which I know they won't, they'll go back to the hospital for more "practice" or to learn a new technique.
Thanks for all the kind words and support over the last 2 months.
Take care,

..........Buzz's Mom


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