Friday, June 17, 2005

Montana Shooting Sports Celebrity Pin Shoot

The following was shamelessly lifted from the MSSA website:

"Every year, the Montana Shooting Sports Association holds a bowling pin shoot to raise funds for political action. The web page for it is It is held on the fourth Sunday in July. This year, that will be on Sunday, July 24th. It will be held at the Deer Creek Range in Missoula, beginning at 10 AM.

This is how it works. There is a 4-foot by 8-foot table, four feet high, 21 feet from the shooter. The 8-foot edge of the table is towards the shooter. There are five standard bowling pins on the table, set one foot from the front edge of the table, and one foot apart, edge to edge.

The shooter starts with the barrel of his or her firearm touching a wooden rail in front of him. On start signal, the shooter shoots all the pins off of the table - the pins must clear the table to score (except in the .22 events, where the pins only must fall over).

The idea is to see how quickly you can clear the table of pins. The shooter gets three runs at the table. Only the best two runs count for score - one run is a throwout.

This is MSSA’s only fundraising event of the year, so please, come burn some powder with us, have fun and help us raise funds for political action. If you need to know how to get to the Deer Creek Range, email MSSA at"

If you are anywhere near Missoula, or if you've got the time to get to Missoula, you might want to give this a try. It's for a good cause.

You might even run into Mr. Completely and KeeWee, although they are much closer to being just characters, rather than being celebrities!


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