Thursday, February 05, 2015

SHOT Show - From Hotel to the Show - Part 3

After leaving the escalator, it was a short walk to this fancy area (a 'Rotunda') with columns and even fancier marble floor work.

You then pass through the rotunda into the start of the gaming areas. They are touchy about taking pictures in the gaming areas, so I didn't take many.

Carpets in the gaming areas, with more marble to walk on. From my experience, walking on marble and walking on concrete is equally painful if you do it enough!

All along the path to the show they had guides holding staffs with SHOT Show emblems to help those who get lost. An excellent idea.

The guides had bright orange vests with reflective panels that lit up like crazy when you hit them with a camera flash!

Finally through all of the gaming areas, and now more long hallways to get to the show. Lots of restaurants, bars, and shops along this section of the route. Perhaps another five minutes or so from here and you arrived at the show itself!

Up another escalator to the third level and you were at the Press room, Member's Lounge, and a few booths in the hallways themselves. Big thanks to Nissan for sponsoring the Press Room. We had good WiFi, sometimes a few breakfast rolls, and free coffee. *Definitely * Needed * Coffee* , especially after the morning hike!


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