Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sascha Back's Blog

Karin paying attention, Lucien asleep, Chi Hong Ho with a big smile, and Sascha Back looking like he's up to something! Four of Europe's very best shooters at the 2012 European Steel Championship Awards Ceremony.

Sascha Back is one of Europe's premier competition shooters, specializing in IPSC and Steel shooting, although he can shoot just about anything, I think. Sascha has won numerous European Championships, primarily with revolvers. He has a blog, and he posts both in English and German. When he's

not blogging in English, you can also use Google Translate to read his posts.

I first met Sascha at the European Steel Championships in Holland five or six years ago, and reading his match reports is a fun way to spend a little time! Like most serious competitors/bloggers, there never seems to be enough time to get blog posts written!

Go check it out, say HI, and leave him a comment. Don't worry about commenting in English, his English is probably better than mine! (Probably doesn't take much........)


At Thursday, December 19, 2013 11:51:00 AM, Anonymous Sascha said...

Whow! Thank you Mike! Too much honor! :-)
The pleasure was on my site, meeting you at the European Steelchallenge! Nice, that you enjoyed reading my blog. You are very right - the day should have some hours more. If, maybe, I would find some time for more posts! ;-)
Sorry for not posting all bi-lingual. Sometimes, there`s only time for a quick german one and the translation should be done next day. Or next next day. Or next next next day... you know?
I´m sure, you know!
Anyway, thanks for sharing!
See you soon anywhere at the range, best regards,
BTW - Hans told me, that he is trying to get the next ESC on the way. I´ll keep you posted!


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