Sunday, February 05, 2012

New OKO Sight Mount Announced

since getting back from the SHOT Show we've been putting in a lot of hours getting the new CNC milling machine up and running, and it's really an impressive piece of equipment. Being able to work to an accuracy of a few ten thousandths of an inch and have it be repeatable is very cool. To put that in perspective, imagine slicing the thickness of a sheet of paper into four layers, then slice one of those layers into ten more layers! That's approximately one ten thousandth of an inch! 

We can now announce our first new product made on the CNC mill. The first new sight mount we are producing will be a mount to allow you to mount an OKO "S" series sight, also called the "Specialty Mount" or "Three Screw Mount"  directly to any flat surface, using two 10/32 flat head Allen screws. The screw spacing is the same as is used to mount the full sized C-More sight, so with this new mount the OKO Sight will also mount directly to any C-More mount that you may already have mounted to your gun.  The neat thing about this mount is that you can now mount the OKO sight to just about anything with a flat surface that you can drill and tap to 10/32, or to anything that you can bolt a flat piece of aluminum to, that you can drill and tap.Our first production run is just about complete, and we may be shipping the new mount as early as later next week. We will announce pricing and availability on the first mounts shortly.

 The next OKO sight mount we plan to manufacture will allow the "W" series, also called the Weaver mount or four screw mount, to mount to a flat surface, as above.

This is just the start, though, as to OKO sight mounts, as we plan to be making a wide range of mounts for specific guns.


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