Sunday, August 07, 2011

Top Shot e-Postal Mach is Underway!

Danno over at Sand Castle Scrolls has graciously jumped in at the last minute  to host this month's e-Postal match. The blogger originally scheduled to host this month's match seems to have dropped out, so we needed a emergency replacement, and Danno had come up with an idea for a match, so BINGO, a win-win!

There will be prizes awarded by random drawing, provided by the Top Shot show, which, by the way, is starting it's season on Tuesday night. I've watched every show from the very first one, and although I wish there was more shooting and less "Personal Interaction Drama", I do realize it is a reality show, not a gun show, so that's why it's the way it is. I do like the way they explain a little about the various weapons and their history, and the fact that they portray the contestants as every day folks, rather than the way the media often mis-characterizes shooters.

Anyhow, this month's e-Postal match challenges you to split a bullet on the edge of an axe, like they did in one of last year's Top Shot Shows. Paper targets, rather than axes, though, will be used!

Go get your targets and have at it!


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