Sunday, March 06, 2011

Ammo at Magnum Shooter's Supply

On the 2nd. of January I fired up our online shooting supplies store, Magnum Shooters Supply. We started out with the full line of OKO Red Dot sights and mounts, Pro Ears Hearing Protectors, James Austin Moon Clip Servers, and some custom sight mounts that I machine myself.

We have now added another new category, Ammunition. The cost of having ammunition shipped to you is usually way more than you'd think it should be, and if you have to ship it half way across the country, the cost can be staggering. That's just for ammunition. If you want to buy primers or powder, you get to pay a whopping hazmat fee on top of the shipping. To start out we won't be carrying primers, but that could change a ways down the road. What we ARE going to do, though, is carry ammunition. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, and we ship from Western Washington, that can save you some money.

To save you even more, if you buy ammo, sights,  or any other products from us, and you are going to be at one of the matches where I'm going to be, I will be glad to bring it with me, and save you ALL shipping and handling fees completely. That can definitely save you some money. Here's a list of the matches I am planning on shooting. Obviously, if it's a match that I will be flying to, I won't be delivering ammo, but for Washington, Oregon, and Northern Idaho, it's a good possibility. Here's the procedure: 
  1. Email me first to be sure I will be attending the match in question. 
  2. Make your purchase at Magnum Shooters Supply. Specify "Will Call".
  3. Put "Will pick up at XYZ match on xx/xx/xxxx date." in the Instructions.
That's it!

I will be picking up the first shipment of ammo tomorrow (Monday), and there will be three kinds of 22LR ammo, plus some 9mm. and some .45ACP. I will be adding .38SPL, .380, and some other pistol calibers on the next order. From there I will be adding some rifle stuff. I can only afford to add so much at a time, but it will be growing, for sure.

If there is a particular type of ammo, or a specific shooting item you are looking for, drop me an email and I'll see what I can find out as to price and availability. We will not be handling firearms or serial number gun parts. We will leave that to the FFL dealers.

It's going to take a while, but watch us grow!



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