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2011 e-Postal Match For March "The Mess"

The e-Postal match to start out the 2011 season is going to be interesting, to say the least! None of those boring old concentric circles for us, by golly! I'm sure that some of you will apply yourselves and figure out a strategy for shooting this mess, but I've got no idea exactly how you should approach it. Good luck, be safe, and have fun!

This month we have seven classes, so there's a place for just about everything. It's time to drag out all those handguns that have been resting all Winter and limber 'em up!

TARGET: The same target is used in all classes. Do not try to print out the target from the above image. The target should be downloaded from here:

Click here to Download the PDF file "The Mess"

It is an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

CLASS ONE: Any rimfire handgun with no more than a 12" barrel, iron sights.

CLASS TWO: Any rimfire handgun with no more than a 12" barrel, optic sights, no magnification.

CLASS THREE: Any centerfire (non-revolver) handgun with no more than a 12" barrel, iron sights.

CLASS FOUR: Any centerfire (non-revolver) handgun with no more than a 12" barrel, optic sights, no magnification.

CLASS FIVE: Any revolver with no more than a 12" barrel, iron sights.

CLASS SIX: Any revolver with no more than a 12" barrel, optic sights, no magnification.

CLASS SEVEN: Any handgun with no more than a 14" barrel, any sights, scopes, laser, whatever. This class is primarily for target pistols.

If you have something interesting to shoot that doesn't quite fit in the above classes, go ahead and enter anyway.

DISTANCE : 25 feet, or Ten yards, which ever is available at your range.

SHOOTING POSITION: Standing, un-supported, off-hand, one or two hands on gun permitted.

SCORING: In each class you are allowed ten shots at the target. Touching a line, or touching two or more areas with one shot counts as hits in all of the areas touched. For example, a hit that touches the center 20 but also touches the surrounding white area gets both the 20 and the -10, so the shot nets you 10 points. If a shot touches the black 10 on the right side, overlaps into the -5 area, and also touches the line between the -5 and the 1, you get 10-5+1 for the shot, or 6. For a shot to score, it must at least touch the outermost ring, or else it's a miss.Ties will be decided based on the highest number of hits solidly in the black 20 point spot and not touching the edges.

Mark your score on each target with a legible pen, along with the class and type of gun used. Don't write your name on the target, only the name you want to appear in the results, as your target may get posted on Mr. Completely.

I suspect that this target will be, like most of the e-Postal matches, a lot harder that it looks. Don't throw away your targets is disgust when you think you did poorly. Send them in! You will probably be surprised to find out that you did a lot better than you thought.

STRATEGY: Beats me.........

MULTIPLE ENTRIES: You can enter more than once, in fact, it is encouraged. Shoot everything you own, and everything you can borrow! Take a buddy to the range, get him entered, then borrow his gun and enter that! The only restriction is that you can only enter once for any given gun, in any individual Class. You can shoot the target as many times as you like, and send in the best one.

Different calibers in the same gun count as one gun. For example, .38SPL and .357MAG are considered as one, as would be .44SPL and .44MAG. Different guns of the same caliber and barrel length can be entered.

PRIZES: Nope, it's just for the fun of it and the bragging rights!

SUBMITTING YOUR ENTRY: Take a digital photo of, (or scan) your targets, and email the picture, along with:

1. Your score.

2. The name you want used when we post the results.

3. Gun description - Brand, model, semi-auto, revolver, black powder, caliber, barrel length, and type of sights

4. Class: Class One, Two, Three, four, five, six, or seven.

5. Anything interesting or unique about your entry that other shooters might enjoy hearing about.

Email it all to b l o g (at) w h i d b e y (dot) c o m

If you can't scan or send target pictures, send everything else to me in an email, and we'll arrange for either fax or snail mail for the targets.

The rules are subject to revision as needed, should the need arise.

All entries must be received by Midnight on Thursday, March 31st, and results will be posted within seven days, or less.

If you have any questions, leave the question in the comments to this post, or send me an email, or both.

Have fun!!



At Wednesday, March 02, 2011 5:53:00 PM, Blogger David aka True Blue Sam said...

Masterful! A novice might beat an expert!

At Thursday, March 03, 2011 12:06:00 PM, Blogger DaddyBear said...

Looks like a good time to go to the range. Do we print that as 8.5x11?

At Thursday, March 03, 2011 1:04:00 PM, Blogger Mr. Completely said...

Yep! 8.5 x 11 it is!

Mr. C.

At Saturday, March 05, 2011 7:30:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell, keeping your eyes open is as good as any other strategy.

Most devious target I have seen for a LONG time!!!


At Saturday, March 05, 2011 7:43:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess this qualifies as my standard question, so here goes.

Does a convertible revolver count as two entries if you use two different cylinders?

Thanks for hosting this match - it looks like quite a challenge!


At Saturday, March 05, 2011 7:49:00 PM, Blogger Mr. Completely said...

Merle: Possibly BOTH eyes closed!!

Yes, change the cylinder and enter it again. Different caliber conversions on semi-autos are also considered two different guns. Where we draw the line is when nothing mechanical is changed, only the ammo. For example .38SPL and .357 in the same gun, or .22 short and .22 LR in the same gun. Those, you can only enter the gun once.

Mr. C.

At Sunday, March 06, 2011 10:45:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd be afraid of hitting the target holder with BOTH eyes closed!!!

Thanks for the clarification.


At Sunday, March 27, 2011 1:09:00 PM, Blogger Billll said...

Shoot a respectable group, and get a 3-digit score. Shoot the same group 1/2" in another direction, and you're looking at negative numbers.

My favorite kind of target.


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