Monday, August 09, 2010

Yakima Steel Match - Big News!

What a view from the range!
I just returned from shooting this month's Steel Challenge match at the Yakima Rifle & Pistol club's range just East of Yakima, Washington, and I've got some great news! Next month on Saturday, September 4th., they will be putting on their first annual eight stage "Really Big" Steel Challenge Classic match. This news is so fresh, they haven't even decided on the official name for their big annual match yet! As soon as the name is finalized I'll let you all know!

The match will be at the club's regular range, approximatelys ten miles East of Yakima, and a couple of miles East of the town of Moxee, at the end of Sun Target Road. It's easy to find. The  range has places where you can park your self-contained RV or camper, and flush toilets and running water are available. There is a large club house, a full time range master and grounds keeper, lots of  irrigated lawn, and a spectacular view across the valley from the range.

There are lots of places to stay in Yakima if you are more oriented towards a motel. A match motel has not been designated, at least not yet, but Yakima is full of restaurants and motels, so a place to stay should be no problem. The temperatures should also be really comfortable, and certainly not too hot!

The match will be all eight Steel Challenge stages, and the rules governing the match will be out of the Steel Challenge rules book. There will be cash prizes instead of a prize table, and the payouts will depend on the number of entries in any given class. Entry fee will be$40, if I remember correctly.

It's roughly a 3 1/2 hour drive from Seattle, and it's freeway almost all the way. I'd suggest driving over on Friday and spending the night either at the range or in Yakima.

To get on the email mailing list for all the latest information, drop an email to Ty Palmer at

ty.palmer (at) gmail (dot) com

I would highly recommend making the effort to come to Yakima for this match, it's a great facility, a great club, and a really fun bunch of folks to shoot with. 
Come on over, you'll have a great time! 



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