Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mark Knapp - Shooter - Lawyer - Blogger - Attending GBR-IV

Last Sunday I was at the Paul Bunyan Gun Club in Puyallup, Washington shooting in one of their monthly "Fun Steel" matches. On our squad was a fellow named Mark Knapp. I'd never met Mark before, and as the day progressed we got a chance to talk a bit. Mark is an attorney (yeah, I know, but Mark isn't one of those slimy types at all!) Mark not only specializes in firearms law in Washington State, but he's a good solid shooter and a gun blogger too! How 'bout that!

Mark Knapp, Firearms Lawyer & Blogger

I wish I would have remembered to take my camera so I could put up a picture of Mark shooting rather than in his "Lawyer Suit", but you use what you've got! At Puyallup made what I would consider the shot of the day, at least in our squad. Mark hit a 12" plate one handed while in full gallop to the second shooting position! A bit of luck was involved, for sure, but he hit it, none the less. Quite a shot.....

Mark is also making plans to attend this year's Gun Blogger Rendezvous. On top of everything else, Mark is running for judge in Federal Way, just South of Seattle. Too bad we can't just send him straight to the Supreme Court. How cool would it be to have one of the Supremes be a regular competitive shooter!

Check out Mark's blog Washington State Gun Lawyer, and his Firearms Lawyer website. There's lots of good reading on both. If you'd like to meet Mark in person, why not come to the Gun Blogger Rendezvous?

See you next month at Puyallup, Mark, and maybe over at Kitsap if you can make it!

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