Monday, June 08, 2009

European Steel Challenge - Part 3

After Saturday's shooting was over, it was a good time to walk up the stairs to the bar and have a cool beverage or two.

KeeWee at the bar.

I leave the adult beverages mostly to KeeWee as I'm a total lightweight drinker and I prefer to remain conscious for the remainder of the evening.

Jolanda, wife of Hans, the match director.

After initial refreshments it was time for a BBQ, and boy, do they know how to do it right in Holland. The weather was nice, so we gathered outside the back clubhouse door for socializing as the cookers were set up and the food cooked.

Two very cool German shooters, KeeWee, and I.

First thing they did was to set up the biggest frying pan I've ever seen, complete with a gas cooker to match.

Paul Bunyan sized frying pan.

That's Cris in the white shirt. I forget the other fellow's name, but when you get old you tend to forget stuff........

Pork, chicken, beef, road kill, a little of everything, and it was ALL good!
(Just kidding about the road kill!)

Those round spiral things are pork sausages. Absolutely delicious!

We hung around the BBQ eating, drinking, and socializing until the light began to fail. Some of the RO's decided that KeeWee and had come all the way from America, and since she was a shooter, it was just not acceptable that she didn't shoot in the match too. After a sufficient quantity of wine had been consumed, she decided to shoot the match. She didn't have her race gun, though, so Cris, bless his heart, offered to let her shoot his very nice S&W Model 41 with a red dot sight on it. I asked Hans ,the match director, if it was possible to get one late entry in. "No problems, I'll take care of it!" he replied. The next morning when we arrived at the match the papers were not only ready, "Go get 'em, KeeWee, beat them all!" was printed on the top of her score sheet! I suspect Wim had something to do with that!

-- end of part 3 --

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At Tuesday, June 09, 2009 4:29:00 PM, Blogger PeterT said...

Looks like a Paella pan... saw these all over in Spain when I was stationed there.... yum!


At Wednesday, June 10, 2009 10:39:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We call it a " skottel braai " which is a twist on a south african name for baking dish
The other guy is Frits.


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