Wednesday, April 01, 2009

March e-Postal Match Results

The March e-Postal match was definitely a challenge, but there was some method to the madness in the design. In many of the e-Postals we've had so far, we've attempted to get shooters to try new things, or focus a bit on techniques that they usually don't think about.

This match, loosely based on Steel Challenge competition, challenged you to actually go against some traditional techniques of pistol shooting. Instead of the standard "sight Picture - gently squeeze - etc.) you were required to shoot while the gun was actually moving, never stopping at all on each target. What this does is to develop trigger control, in short, having the gun fire just as the sights cross the target, rather than waiting for the perfect sight picture, then squeezing the trigger. This technique also will highlight a common fault, jerking or slapping the trigger. You can't successfully shoot with this method if you wait until the target is centered in the sights and then quickly jerking the trigger. You must learn your trigger release, and practice so the target is acquired and the shot fired at the same time. I've seen some metallic silhouette shooters use this method in competition. It's fairly easy to get the cross hairs or red dot to sweep across the center of the target, but holding them there long enough to squeeze the trigger is another story! The trick is to get the shot fired just at the right time. This, of course, takes practice!

In this match there was no limit as to how many times you could shoot the match. This way you had a good chance of being pleasantly surprised as your proficiency improved from target to target. I shot the match six times, the first two targets to establish how much I had to aim above the targets, since I'm sighted in for a farther distance. Each of the last four showed some improvement both in score and in smoothness and tempo.

What's the point of shooting this way? Although I'm certainly no expert in defensive handgunning, I can certainly see that developing the ability to move the gun onto the target and fire at just the right time could sure be useful. Most goblins are probably unwilling to stand still and wait for you to get a good sight picture!

Since in this match I make the rules, I've decided to award the title of Overall Match Winner to whomever I choose, based on their scores and their class. This month's Overall Match Winner goes to


He clearly and decisively smoked everyone in Class one Rimfire Iron Sight. Well Done!

Anyhow, I'm glad to hear you all had some fun with the match. The next match should be announced either today or tomorrow!

Class 1 - Rimfire Iron Sights

Place Name score Caliber Handgun Type
1 Billll 62 .22 Ruger Mk. I
2 Xav 92 p 84 .22 Browning Buckmark
3 True Blue Sam 92 .22 Ruger Single Six
4 Danno 97 .22 Ruger 22/45

Class 2 - Rimfire Optic sights

Place Name score Caliber Handgun Type
1 Mr. Completely 46 .22 High Standard
2 Sebastian 53 .22 Ruger Mk. III Hunter
3 Manfred 67 .22 Colt Target

Class 3 - Centerfire Iron Sights

Place Name score Caliber Handgun Type
1 Sebastian 83 .45 Para LDA 1911
2 Billll 88 .357 Rossi
3 True Blue Sam 88 .38 S&W Model 66
4 BillH 104 .45 Springfield 1911
5 Danno 109 9mm Taurus PT92
6 BillH 115 .38 S&W Model 19

See you all at the range!!



At Wednesday, April 01, 2009 12:23:00 PM, Blogger Sebastian said...

Good shooting all, especially BillL for winning the match with a great smallbore open sight score, and Mr C. for smoking me by 7 points on the Rimfire Scoped category.

At Wednesday, April 01, 2009 1:24:00 PM, Blogger MeatAxe said...

This looks really cool. What is an epostal match, exactly? Do we all shoot the same targets and then email you a picture? (if that's it, I'd love to take part..)

At Wednesday, April 01, 2009 1:38:00 PM, Blogger Mr. Completely said...

MeatAxe: It sounds like you've got 'er figured out! Click on the link at the top and give last month's rules a read for more details. The rules and targets change a bit from month to month, but the basics stay the same.

Mr. C.

At Wednesday, April 01, 2009 1:52:00 PM, Blogger MeatAxe said...

Awesome. I'm in. When does April start???

At Wednesday, April 01, 2009 4:09:00 PM, Anonymous BillH said...

MeatAxe, here is the post with the schedule in it

Good fun, no matter the scores.


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