Friday, February 08, 2008

Mr. Completely Rocks!!!

A cool logo, swiped from their website.......

While wandering around the intarwebz I happened across a Canadian rock band by the name of "Mr. Completely". (Has a nice ring to it, EH?). I went to their website, and found out that these guys are not that far away from where I'm located, here in Western Washington on Whidbey Island. It turns out that they, too, are island dwellers, living on Vancouver Island in Campbell River. Campbell river is already known for great salmon fishing, and maybe soon they will also be known as the home of the band "Mr. Completely".

Can't beat live rock!

They have recorded and released their first CD "Twice on Sundays", and I can't wait to hear the whole CD. Here's a bunch of their tunes on-line: Turn up your speakers, then Click on "Rich Man - Poor Man". That's a good place to start. They do a nice version of "Rising Sun Blues" that's really worth a listen, and "Never Be The One" is really outstanding.

Another live Pic of the band.

If Techno-boomp-thudda-thudda blather is your type of not-really-music, these guys aren't for you, but if you like straight ahead bluesy classic damn the torpedoes rock and roll, I think you're gonna like their sound.

Check out their website, maybe even buy a CD while you're there.........


At Saturday, February 09, 2008 2:37:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

your namesake is pretty good!


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