Wednesday, August 08, 2007

World Speed Shooting Championship Next Week!

Well, I haven't been blogging much the last few days as I've been super busy trying to get work caught up, shoot all the matches I can, and get all the details arranged for KeeWee and I to head down to Southern California for the World Steel Challenge Championships.

I've got two matches this weekend; a Fun Steel match at Kitsap Rifle and Revolver club on Saturday, then a hanging plate match on Sunday.

Wednesday morning we will catch the earliest Whidbey SEATAC shuttle (5am.) from Whidbey Island to SEATAC airport South of Seattle, then fly Alaska Airlines to Burbank. We'll pick up the reserved rental car at the airport in Burbank, then drive the half hour or so North up I-5 to Valencia and the Hilton Garden Inn hotel. After we check in at the hotel, I'll locate the shooter's registration and get signed in and pick up the shooter's package. Somewhere before dinner I'll try to slip in a short nap, as I will have been up and traveling since 4am or thereabouts! Then dinner and early to bed, as Thursday will be another long day, Thursday being the day when I'll be shooting in the Rimfire Open class. I hope I get to shoot in the morning session, as then I'd be through shooting by 1pm., and I can spend the rest of the day taking pictures, wandering around, and perhaps entering some of the side matches.

Friday will be the centerfire limited shooting, and that will be fun to watch as well. Friday night will be the National Shooting Sports Foundation social event, which will be a big Barbecue, I think.

Saturday is the big day, though, as that's when the open class shooters all compete. All of the big name shooters we hear about will be there, amazing us all with their speed and accuracy. Television will be there filming the match, and they are expecting 15,000 spectators! Somehow I don't think open rimfire will draw QUITE that many spectators!

Sunday morning is the awards ceremony. I wonder if they have an award for the strangest .22 pistol? I'd probably be in the finals on that one! After the ceremony it's back to the Burbank airport, drop off the rental car, fly Alaska airlines back to Seattle, pick up the Shuttle, then back to Whidbey Island. If all goes well ,we should be home by midnight.




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