Sunday, August 05, 2007

CWSA Steel Match Report

Two days in a row we've had beautiful shooting weather. KeeWee decided to take the day off from shooting, so I went to the CWSA Seel Challenge match by myself.

With the World Steel Challenge Championship coming up in a couple of weeks, I decided to concentrate on shooting rimfire and see if I could build a little consistency, even if my speed wasn't all that great. I decided to shoot both rimfire limited and rimfire open, even though I'm not very competitive in the limited class due to the iron sights.

We had two stages, "Smoke and Hope" and "Roundabout", both kind of favorites of mine as the targets aren't too far away, and with "Smoke and Hope" the targets are BIG! To work on tempo I shot the iron sight High Standard at a rate of fire as if I was shooting optic sights, and as you would expect, missed a number of plates. My score in limited was not very good, but it was the Open class that I wanted to work on. Open class was another story, with shooting personal bests in both stages. The times weren't spectacular, but more importantly I had shot at what was a good tempo considering my shooting ability, and only missed one or two plates all day. You have to hit the plates, and if you miss, you can't miss fast enough to win!

When the scores were finally totaled, I was only .35 seconds total behind "Evil Al", who in Rimfire Open, at least, is just about unbeatable at our club matches! That was good enough for second place, and I was glad to see that I had made some small progress in speed, too.

After helping to load, transport, and store the target stands and plates, I headed back South towards Castle Completely. A short afternoon nap sounded like a really good idea, and when I got in the door the cat agreed with me, so I took a short nap.

It helped a lot!



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