Saturday, August 04, 2007

CWSA Pin Shoot Report -- 08/04/2007

We had a beautiful day for a pin shoot, a little foggy in the morning, but it burned off mid-morning, leaving a blue sky with a few little clouds. To get in as much shooting as I could, I entered every class; Centerfire Optical with the Taurus 9mm. 'Econo Race Gun', Centerfire Iron Sight with a Charles Daly 1911 in .4ACP, Revolver Optical with the Taurus 66, Big Bore Revolver with the Ruger .480, Rimfire Optical with both the Long barreled High Standard and the Smith & Wesson 422. Unfortunately we didn't have enough rimfire iron sight shooters to make a class, so it was canceled. After centerfire and revolver qualifying, I had timed in third or better in every class. Not exactly good news, though, as it meant I'd be shooting against the fastest shooters in the first round, a good way to get knocked out of the class in the first round.

The real news in qualifying was Tony C. and his revolver, not only setting a new range record for five pins with a revolver, he also tied the overall range record, set with a full race .38 Super! His time was 2.46 seconds, and I just happened to be filming when he broke the record. Check this out:

To make matters worse, Tony is getting faster each shoot, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him break his own record a few more times. Just, WOW........

Being as I was shooting one class right after another all day, I never did exactly keep track of where I was or how I was doing in the class. I was knocked out early in centerfire optic, and in revolver class. I did OK in centerfire iron sight, much to my amazement! In big bore revolver I had second fastest time in qualifying, but also got knocked out in the first round, although it was close.

Finally we had worked our way through the centerfire classes, and we were ready to set up the pin tops for rimfire optical sight class. I qualified the long barreled High Standard at the top of the chart with a 10.5-ish combined time for three tables of pins. Murray wasn't far behind, with KeeWee in third around 17 seconds, and 'Evil Al' in a position unusual for him, 4th. place. I was having a terrible time with the S&W 422, and I couldn't seem to hit the first pin no matter what i did! The 422 was well down the list, time-wise. I don't remember all the match-ups and outcomes, but Al knocked out KeeWee and I knocked out Murray. I managed to struggle my way through with the S&W, eking out the narrowest of wins, but staying in the game, none the less. The big match was when the High Standard and I came up against Al and his S&W Model 41. It was very close, but I managed to retire Al for the day, and a match or two later I ended up in the final round against myself with the second gun, leaving me with both first and second place!

It was one of the hardest fought rimfire optic matches of the season, with lots of fast times and close decisions. We all had a grand time, and it was over almost too soon.

After the match KeeWee and I headed North to Oak Harbor for a cooling visit to Dairy Queen for ice cream, then a visit to the Dollar Store, Wallyworld (the ammo counter guys always recognize me and wave when I walk by) then home.

I think I'll hit the sack early tonight, I'm kinda bushed, and there's a Steel Challenge match at CWSA tomorrow, so a good night's sleep might be a good idea!



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