Saturday, June 30, 2007

I Haven't Disappeared .....

I've been so doggone busy the last few days I haven't had time to get much done on the blog. I also lost a very close friend somewhat unexpectedly to lung cancer. He had seemed Ok several months ago, but got hit really hard by the cancer and it was a short fight. He and I had been nearly in, or just barely out of trouble together since high school. Rest peacefully Jay, you will be missed.

KeeWee and I went to the CWSA range today for a bowling pin shoot, and being as I need a LOT of practice, I shot every single class. The whole day was a blur, loading magazines, going back and forth to the line, shooting, back to reloading, quick slurp of coffee, and so on.

Centerfire Iron sight class, Mr. C.'s a little behind already, but Larry's first pin is on it's side. Not a good thing!

Larry now has two pins on their sides. I've got one pin left. I got it with the next shot.

A couple of the highlights from the match:

That .480 Ruger sure is fun to shoot when you tone down the load a bit and use heavy bullets. It does very little actual damage to the pin, but it sure does send it flying! The final in the big bore revolver class ended up with Lou G. and I head to head. Two matches back I managed to get past him, last match he got me, and this time I managed to get him. Very close - great fun!! The sound of two big bores going at it is a very cool sound indeed!

KeeWee was shooting well today, and her "Why Yes - I DO Shoot Like a Girl" shirt was a big hit. There have been some really close matches between KeeWee and Rainy all year, and today was no exception. If I remember correctly, three matches back KeeWee won, the last two matches Rainy won, and today KeeWee shot well and retired Rainy for the day. The two of us ended up in the final for the rimfire optical class. I won the first table, and the second table was very close, with both of us missing several times, trying to shoot too fast. I prevailed, just barely, and my magazine was empty, so it easily could have gone either way. Again, very close - great fun!!

Tomorrow I'm headed back to CWSA for a Steel Challenge match, and KeeWee is going to spend some time in the garden...............



At Monday, July 02, 2007 11:38:00 AM, Blogger Manfred said...

I'm sorry for your loss Mr C.
Friendship is one of the treasure god gave us and it's hard to loose a good friend.

Nice range report though, you managed to add suspens with the pics that's great.

Take care


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