Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Gun Blogger Rendezvous + Project Valour-IT

I've been holding off on announcing this until I got the green light, but now it's official! The Gun Blogger Rendezvous, coming up in early October in Reno, is not only a fun gathering of bloggers and shooting enthusiasts, it also manages to raise some money in the process. The entire event is run as a not for profit endeavour, and even incidental expenses like phone calls and so forth I pay out of my own pocket. Last year our Guest of Honor was Dan McKown, and we were able to raise some money to go towards his recovery and rehabilitation expenses.

This year any money raised by the Gun Blogger Rendezvous will go to Project Valour-IT. Project Valour-IT raises money to buy voice actuated laptop computers to be given to injured servicemen and women who, due to their injuries, are otherwise unable to use a computer. These voice actuated computers allow them to stay in touch with friends and family through email and the internet. So far Project Valour-IT has provided over one thousand laptop computers. The Gun Blogger Rendezvous just might be able to help them buy a few more!

The downloadable Rendezvous Registration form will be available very soon, and on the form will be a place where you can add a few bucks (or a bunch of bucks, for that matter) to be donated directly to Valour-IT.

This is a very worthy cause, and well deserves all the support we can muster!



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