Sunday, June 24, 2007

CWSA Rimfire Falling Plates 06/23/07

Brandy and KeeWee. KeeWee takes no prisoners......

Saturday morning KeeWee and I headed North to the Central Whidbey Sportsman's range for the Rimfire Falling Plate match. The weather was looking pretty good, with a few clouds and blue sky peeking through in spots. Rimfire falling plate matches are fast and furious, and you get in a whole lot of shooting, since it's a round robin head-to-head format, and you get to shoot against every other shooter three times! If we have more than sixteen shooters we split it into two groups and the winners of each group shoot off for the final winner. Today we had fifteen shooters entered, giving us almost the maximum number of individual matches.

Overall scoring is determined by the number of individual tables you win. After a coupe of matches one of the shooters dropped out with mechanical problems, so we ended up with a total of 39 matches for each shooter. A perfect score would be 39. There were lots of very close tables, many decided only by fractions of a second. Tony C. was shooting really well, and "Evil Al" was, well, "Evil Al", and smokin' fast! Lou G. and KeeWee were also mowin' them down very quickly. This was perhaps one of the closest matches we've had at CWSA, with everyone winning some of the tables. The matchup between KeeWee and Lou G. was very close, and the slightest mistake meant certain defeat. Lou had a misfire on one, and KeeWee won the other two. I came up against Al early in the match, and narrowly lost two, and managed to tie him on the third. Against Tony I managed to take two of the three. Final score ended up with Al with a score of 36. I ended up with a score of 35.5, just half a point behind Al in second place. Tony was third, and KeeWee and Lou G. tied for fourth place. It doesn't get much closer than that!

After the match we headed up to Oak Harbor for Chinese food, and to pick up some cat food at Wally World. KeeWee found some plants in the garden department too.......

By now the day was getting kinda warm and muggy, so we stopped at the Dairy Queen for some cool desserts.

I sucked up a giant sized Cookie Dough Blizzard in no time.




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