Sunday, June 03, 2007

CWSA Hanging Plates 06/02/07

What a beautiful day to go shooting! A few puffy clouds, a bit of morning fog, no rain in sight, WOO HOO, let's go shooting!!

The CWSA rimfire hanging plate matches are one of our club's easiest and least stressful competitions, but it makes you concentrate on accuracy while retaining an element of speed, as you have six seconds to make six shots at hanging steel disks at four distances, 10, 15, 20, and 25 yards. As the distance is increased, the plates increase in size, starting with 4" diameter plates at 10 yards ,and finishing up with 7" plates at 25 yards. You make three runs at each distance for 72 total shots . Scoring is simply the number of plates you hit, so a perfect score would be 72. We shoot two different classes, rimfire pistols with optical sights, and rimfire pistols with iron sights.

KeeWee Shoots Six For Six! Lou running the timer.

KeeWee got to be the first shooter, starting at the 10 yard distance. Her first run set the tone of the day, as she shot a perfect six on the first run. She just barely missed one plate on the second run, and missed two on the third run. She continued to shoot well throughout the match, shooting several more sixes at different distances. She ended up with 51 plates, good enough to secure second place, just ahead of RandyN, who was trying my (Smith & Wesson model 422) by one plate. The iron sight class was also closely contested, and everyone had a lot of fun shooting the wobbly little plates. By
Noon the match was complete, and we put all of the match equipment back into storage. We dropped Lou's car off at his place, and Lou, KeeWee, and I jumped into my van and headed over to Burlington, WA to check out the new Sportsman's Warehouse. I had heard that the Sportsman's Warehouse stores were rather impressive, and they definitely are! 60,000 square feet of hunting, shooting, fishing, and reloading goodies. It took us a couple of hours to walk up and down all the aisles checking out the inventory. I picked up a book on gunsmith machining, some stuff for my Dillon 550B press, 1,000 rounds of CCI Standard velocity .22 ammo, and a bunch of other stuff. KeeWee found a nice new coffee pot for camping, and Lou found some goodies, too! Quite a store, I can see I'll be leaving a buck or two there in the future!

After cruising to Warehouse, it was time to head back for the hour and forty five minute drive home. We made one short detour to a Mickey D's for some ice cream to cool off with, then back to the island and home.

It was a busy day, but fun was had by all!!



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