Wednesday, April 25, 2007

High Five Target

Since I turned in a "High Fives" e-Postal Match score of 98, I figured I better post a picture of it so you'all would believe me! Now, hitting the 1/2" center with a .22 with a red dot sight from a bench rest at 27 feet isn't all that hard, primarily it's a matter of not rushing what you are doing and let the gun do it's job. Offhand, however, is another story. This was an amazingly lucky target. I doubt I could match it again in ten tries!

I fired three or four shots from the bench, and a couple off-hand just to loosen up, then shot the target. This was my first try at the target, and as I said, a whole lot of luck went into this one. Sometimes things just fall into place and you shoot better than you really can shoot.

Where was that luck last weekend at the pin shoot when I couldn't have hit the berm with a shovel?



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