Thursday, April 26, 2007

e-Postal Match #2 - "GOLF"

Azreel at Freespiritmind is known for his creative and often difficult target designs in the e-Postal matches, and this month's e-Postal match lives up to his reputation.

There are lots of different classes, and it involves both off-hand and supported shooting modes to give you plenty of challenge. There are no limits to the number of shots you can take, but you have to hit the hole, just like golf. Oh, there are also penalties assessed for hitting sand traps, going out of bounds, and hitting the water hazard, too!

Here's the link to the post with the rules, and the link to download the target is also there in the post.

F O R E ! ! ! !



At Friday, April 27, 2007 6:29:00 PM, Anonymous dmattix said...

OK. I shot this today with my iron sighted S&W 22A.
One word...


Second word:


Looks like I'm going to be averaging one new eyeglass prescription per year. Iron's are just not resolving like they used to.

Looks like when I'm playing on a real course. I go by the Scotsman's thrifty golf plan -- more strokes per hole. Gotta get my money and time's worth.

Don't guess I won't be posting those targets... Oh the shame, the shame.

I had a particularly frustrating time with some new hollowpt ammo in those mags. Gotta be some trick to clean up that mag release hangup...



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