Monday, January 08, 2007

Olympia GFW Legis-Loonies

Washington State's liberal legislature is now back in session, and they're already proposing new gun laws.

House bill 2007-2008 HB 1026 will require all
private party firearms transactions at gun shows to go through a FFL dealer. In short, no more private sales between individuals. All private salesa at a gun show would require Federal paperwork. The next step down this slope, if this should pass, would be to go the rest of the way and require ALL firearms sales to go through a gun dealer.

The second legislatorial gem 2007-2008 HB 1014, will require "safe storage" of firearms to keep them away from children. Of course, if it's locked up so it can't be easily reached, you won't be able to get to it quickly for your own defense, either.

You can comment here, at on these two bills.

Hat tip to Heartless Liberetarian, where this info came from!


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