Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I Hate Morning Decisions

It's been uncomfortably hot the last few days, and night before last it was difficult getting to sleep. Since it doesn't get this warm very often around here, no one bothers to install air conditioning in their homes.

I finally got to sleep around two am, and was dozing away blissfully when around 4:30 I hear this loud howling and yapping right outside my bedroom window. A dang coyote!

The first thought to appear in my foggy and sleep deprived brain was to dump 30 rounds of .223 from the Mini 14 in the general direction of the noise, then go back to bed. Then I considered perhaps five quick shots of 00 buck from the 12 gauge Mossberg. Wouldn't have to aim quite as carefully, maybe.

Then, as I woke up a bit more, I remembered that it was only a couple of hundred feet to the neighbor's house. Shooting at the coyote is probably not a very good idea, after all.

By then the coyote had shut up and disappeared into the brush.

I went back to bed.

Like I said, I hate morning decisions anyway.....


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