Friday, June 02, 2006

Blog Alert - Goin' Shootin'

Like most weekends when the weather is nice, KeeWee and I are off to a match, so look for more posts around Saturday night or Sunday sometime. This time it's off to my home club, Central Whidbey Sportsman's Association, for a bowling pin match. Evil Al and Rainey are off to Idaho for a steel championship match and won't be there tomorrow to help run the match, so I'm going to the range early to give LouG a hand running everything. Since I'm going to be there early when the centerfire and revolver classes shoot, I might as well drag my Taurus 66 .38 with the red dot on it along and shoot it too!

Let's see, I can shoot it in the Optical sight semi-auto class against the high tech race guns, or I can shoot it in the revolver class against Lou, Tony, and Dean. I think I'm doomed! I'm still shooting it single action, as I haven't had time to practice double action enough that I can hit anything. Good thing this is for the fun of it!

I think we've got KeeWee's new High Standard dialed in and tuned for the ammo she's using, as we shot several hundred rounds through it day before yesterday without any problems. Funny how stuff works fine until you are in a match, though!

Have a good weekend, and I'll have more up probably tomorrow night or on Sunday!


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