Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Highway Construction Traffic Flaggers

The two lane road on the way to the Homes Harbor Rod & Gun Club range has always been narrow and winding for several miles and this year the county decided to widen it out and re-pave it. This, of course, means one lane traffic and flaggers controlling the direction of travel on the one usable lane.

The flagger-person had the "STOP" side of their sign facing me, so I pulled up and stopped, waiting for their signal to procede. I was the lead car of the group of cars behind me, waiting for our turn. The flagger turned his sign around to show the "SLOW" side to me, and motioned me to procede, which I did.

About a quarter of a mile down the road there was another flagger standing in the middle of the road with the "STOP" side of his sign facing me. I pulled up close to him and stopped, waiting for clearance to continue. Up to this time this particular flagger was staring off into the distance, and wasn't watching the oncoming traffic.

When he heard me stop, he waved me to continue on, and gave me a dirty look as to say "What the heck are YOU stopping for?" He looked right at me, and when he did, I pointed at the sign he was holding, clearly proclaiming "STOP".

Did he turn the sign around to "SLOW"? Nope! he turned it sideways so it could not be read from either side, and waved me to continue on! I guess if you turn it sideways it means "Continue on, if if you are comfortable with that, but you don't have if you don't want to. It's OK which ever you choose, and you are a good person, either way......."

SHEESHHH! A politically correct liberal highway flagger. We're doomed.............


At Tuesday, May 23, 2006 3:37:00 PM, Blogger Rivrdog said...

You would not only have been doomed, you might have actually died if the other direction had produced a typical airhead driver using a small percentage of the usual insufficient mental faculties to operate their vehicle with.

You should have reported this pair of non-flaggers to the police.


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