Friday, April 21, 2006

e-Postal "Head Shot" Entries - Pt. 2

I managed to sneak in a quick trip to the range so I could shoot a couple of e-Postal "Head Shot" targets with larger caliber rifles.

The top target was shot with my Hi Point 9mm. carbine and inexpensive Bi-Mart ammunition. Distance was 15 yards, shooting from an improvised rest, using one of those $17.00 Barska red dot sights. The one ragged hole is 16 rounds fired.

9mm. Hi Point Carbine with Barska Red Dot Sight.

Next I got out a Winchester Model 70 with stock iron sights, chambered in 30-06. The match scenario calls for as many shots as you feel comfortable with, and it doesn't take a whole lot of 30-06 to make you feel you've got your money's worth, if you know what I mean.

The scenario is based on having to make an accurate head shot at close range with dire consequences if you miss. I figure I could have stopped after the first shot, since the most of the bad guy's head would be more or less gone, but just to be sure, I gave him 4 more rounds. Can't be too careful, I suppose. The center hole is actually 4 rounds.

Winchester Model 70 30-06 with iron sights

Adding to the scenario, I put another target out at 25 yards, and put one more round in the black. Then I put another target out at 50 yards, and put another in the black. At 50 yards I just about couldn't see the black of the target.

If that wasn't enough to stop this particular bad guy, I suspect the next option would have to be something nuclear!

As for those of you saying "Big Deal! I could do better than that with my eyes closed", I would only add that you are probably right, but we'll never know unless you shoot some targets and send them in!


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