Friday, March 31, 2006

It's Always a Good Time For A Pin Shoot!

For those of you in the WesternWashington and North-Western Oregon area that have been considering giving a bowling pin shoot a try, but so far haven't gotten around to it, this Sunday might just be the day to give it a whirl.

Starting at 9am., this Sunday, April 2nd., Central Whidbey Sportsman's Assn. in Coupeville, Washington, on Whidbey Island, will be hosting a bowling pin shoot. There are a number of classes, so bringing more than one gun is a good idea.

Shooting at full sized pins, the classes are Centerfire Optical Sight, Centerfire Iron sight, and Revolver. Shooting at pin tops there are two classes, rimfire optical sight, and rimfire iron sight.

It's head-to-head single elimination shooting, so the action is hot and heavy right from the start.

First round matchups are determined by your best three table times out of four that you shoot in the qualifying portion of the match. That way every shooter will be matched with a similar skills shooter in the first round.

So far it looks like there will be four bloggers competing, so if you'd like to put a face to some of the bloggers you read, here's your chance. KeeWee of KeeWee's Corner, AnalogKid from Random Nuclear Strikes, LouG (a new blogger just getting Mad Gun up and running), Mr. Completely, and possibly some others too. We can also expect the ususal suspects to show up, including "Evil Al", JimP, Rainey, Dean, "Terrible Tom", and more.

If you have any questions drop me an email.

b l o g ( a t ) w h i d b e y ( d o t ) c o m

Why not give it a try?


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