Tuesday, March 07, 2006

DRRC Bowling Pin Shoot

Rivrdog has got the post up with the info on this weekend's bowling pin "Speed Pins" match to be held just outside of Portland, in Boring, Oregon.

If you've considered trying a pin shoot, this is the one, since there will be a wide variety of shooters of all skill levels.

There will be a dinner on Friday the 10th. (the night before), for those coming to town on Friday, or for those living in the area.

There will also be a breakfast the morning of the match at a local pancake place.

A "Carry Gun" class has been added:

Classes are:

  • Rimfire open sight, up to 12" bbl, tube sights OK, glow inserts OK.
  • Rimfire optical or electronic sight, up to 12" bbl.
  • Centerfire Revolver open sight, up to 12" bbl, tube sights OK, inserts OK
  • Centerfire optical or electronic, up to 12" bbl
  • Centerfire pistol, open sight, tube sights OK, inserts OK
  • Centerfire pistol, optical or electronic sights
  • Carry Gun, any action, any caliber, up to 6" bbl, open sights, no tubes max mag load 8 rounds.

I will be posting more info here at Mr. Completely's place over the next few days.

Stay tuned!


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