Sunday, March 26, 2006

CWSA Hanging Plate Shoot

This is what it looks like from the shooting station at ten yards, the closest distance. Three inch diameter steel disks. Hit one, and they all start moving around!

"Terrible Tom" having his way with the plates.........

It was cold enough that Scruff was even wearing her hooded sweatshirt! Scruff attends most CWSA shoots.

It's bad enough having to deal with the likes of "evil Al", but now, to make matters even worse, in rides "Terrible Tom" (also known as Tom from Master Blaster Bullets) and kicks everyone's backsides soundly.

I did my best to make him earn it, but wasn't very successful. In optical sight class where I had the best chance, he still whupped me by six plates! In iron sight class I was also a distant second place. KeeWee shot well and finished in a respectable sixth place in optical sight class.

"Evil Al" was having some problems with a new gun, and didn't shoot his normal scores either.

Next Sunday it's a pin shoot at CWSA.

If "Terrible Tom" shows his face, I'll be ready!

(Cue the soundtrack of High Noon, or any Clint Eastwood Western in the background........)


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