Thursday, March 02, 2006

Boeing Employee's Rifle and Pistol Club Meeting

Just how cool is this!

KeeWee and I had a grand day yesterday! She only worked a half day, so I picked her up at work and we headed down to Seattle. first stop, The Museum of Flight at the South end of Boeing Field. I hadn't been there in perhaps twenty years, and wow, has it grown! If you are EVER in Seattle with a little time on your hands and you like airplanes, it is an absolute must! Plan on spending all day, there's that much to see. KeeWee has a post up on the Museum of Flight.

After the Museum of Flight we headed a short ways down the road to Randy's Restaurant, another Seattle landmark, and possibly the best 24 hour eatery in Seattle. The decor would be called "Retro" if it had been recently decorated, but it hasn't. I remember it from thirty or forty years ago being exactly the same as it is today.

At Randy's we met up with fellow bloggers Joe Huffman from the View from North Central Idaho and "Boomershoot" fame, and AnalogKid from the Random Nuclear Strikes blog. The main reason for being at Randy's, however, was to meet up with a bunch of the club members from the Boeing Employee's Rifle and Pistol club. They had invited KeeWee and I to speak at their club meeting about Bowling Pin shooting.

After a great hamburger (The club even bought the burgers! Nice folks!) and some lively conversation, we headed over to the meeting room for their club meeting. They had a good turnout, maybe thirty folks or thereabouts! They juggled their agenda to put the program on first since we had a bit of a drive and a ferry boat to deal with to get back to Whidbey and home. I had tossed together a very basic power point presentation as an easy way to show a bunch of the pin shoot pictures from the last year or so.

Now some people sort of light up when they get into the limelight, and thrive on having an audience. Not me! I'm one of those that likes to sit back in the corner in the shadows and try to assume the color of the wall behind me in an attempt to become invisible!

Fortunately, I was speaking on a subject that was near and dear to me, so it started out fairly well. Anyhow, AnalogKid, (all six foot fourteen of him), had volunteered to club anyone throwing vegetables!

Things were going fairly well, good questions were being asked, and I was starting to relax a little. Then the projector died! CRAP!

No Powerpoint, no pictures, and here I am standing in front a bunch of folks that I'd never met before tonight! I can't even tap dance, fer cryin' out loud!

The electron gods must have been smiling, however, and after a bit of prodding and poking by one of the club members (Bless you!!!), the projector came back to life! WOO HOOOO!

I was able to finish the presentation without any further glitches, no vegetables were thrown, and AnalogKid didn't have to club anybody! PERFECT!

As we were packing up the laptop and getting ready to hit the road, they gave both KeeWee and I Boeing Employee's Rifle and Pistol Club hats!

I guess that makes KeeWee and I sort of honorary Boeing Employee's Rifle and Pistol Club members, third class!

Like I said, they're a great bunch, and we had a great day!


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