Friday, March 24, 2006

Blog Alert

As you may have noticed, blogging has been a little light for the last couple of days, and for good reason. Since I am still cursed by having to work for a living, blogging time is sometimes limited by workload.

One of the businesses for whom I provided computer and network support is having their entire offices re-carpeted, and that means dis-assembling all of their workstations and networks, and moving everything out of each room so the carpet can be installed. Then, everything gets moved back. That process started yesterday, and hopefully will be completed by Monday, so they can re-open on Tuesday.

KeeWee was scheduled for a routine colonoscopy at the hospital Thursday morning at 7:15, so all night long she was dealing with "Green Apple Quick Step" and no one got much sleep. Got her to the hospital Thursday morning bright and early. Everything went well, and all is fine, but yesterday afternoon I was basically exhausted, and was sound asleep by 7:30pm. I'm still not up to speed, but gaining on it.

Blogging will be a little light for the weekend, as Saturday I plan to head up to Custer for a falling plate match, and Sunday is a Hanging Plate match at CWSA.

Monday will be an all day project to get the client's business ready to re-open.

Somewhere in between all of that I'll try to get some posts up, including match reports from Custer and CWSA.

UPDATE: The North Whidbey Gun Club is having some sort of a steel plate match on Saturday too, so since I've never been to their club, and it's a couple of hours closer, I think I'll stop by and see what's going on there. I can use the sleep!

Gonna be busy......


At Friday, March 24, 2006 5:28:00 PM, Blogger Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Great graphic, only he should be holding a shotgun.


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