Saturday, February 04, 2006

Wind Storm -- No Power -- Bummer !

Thank goodness the power is back on! In the middle of the night last night the power went off, and just came back on a little while ago. I drove up to the estate sale this morning and there were trees down and limbs all over the roads due to the wind storm. The sale was cancelled, and no one was there.

Weather wise we had two of the three elements for a long power outage. Worst case is when we get a hard freeze for several days, followed by a good thaw, which loosens upo the soil around the tree roots. You follow that with a couple of days of heavy soaking rains to waterlog the soil. Follow that with a good wind storm and trees will be down all over the place, and it takes days to get them all cleaned up and get the power back on.

Fortunately we only had the soaking rain before the wind blew.Yes, I know those of you used to hurricanes laugh at puny winds of only 75 mph or so, but you all don't have a lot of tall Douglas firs either, so it's kinda relative. I don't even want to know what a 100 mph windstorm would be like!

The good news is that the storm is over, the lights are back on, and I'm all set to kick back and watch the Super Bowl tomorrow.



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